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Tree removal shouldn’t be a problem for you! ATX Blue Star Tree Service is in charge of getting the job done! We are experts that feel responsible in delivering the best tree services in the industry, our crew counts with many years of experience in the field and we have obtained the right tools and up to date machinery to complete any job by the time of request. We are proud to say we are here for you.

Our professionals will help you save time by giving maintenance to your garden, so you can have free time to take care of your priorities; ATX Blue Star Tree Service will help you to save money because you will not have to purchase those expensive machines to do your lawn. We will take care of everything, from removing dead or unnecessary trees to planting and watering your garden to keep it growing healthy.

Take advantage of our services and allow us to provide a fresher and cleaner environment to your front or back yard. Hiring our company is the optimal decision you could make. Our team has a remarkable reputation and offers the most affordable prices in the market. Whether you need to remove overgrown trees or broken branches and leaves, our experts will do the task to keep your house’s structure in good conditions.

Our Mission

Our Mission at ATX Blue Star Tree Service is to deliver a great service in each project assigned to us, to make our customers feel happy about the nature surrounding their homes.

Why Choose Us?

Our professionals are confident and capable of leaving your lawn neat and clean, so you can have a beautiful and healthy environment around your home at the most affordable price.

Our Vision

Our Vision at ATX Blue Star Tree Service is to be better in each project, so we are able to achieve the expansion of our business around the country, allowing more people to enjoy of healthy environment and a beautiful garden through our services.

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ATX Blue Star Tree Service is a residential and commercial company, founded 22 Years ago as a small business. Our company started with passion, admiration and love for nature; from there we came up with the idea of providing tree care services for people that love mother earth too, but have busy schedules or no time to take care of it. <...


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